Apps to use when in Korea

Naver and Kakao are words you may never have heard of before, but once you land in Korea, you will be seeing them everywhere!

We’ve put together a list of the apps that you’ll see everyone using and you should use too! These are all available on both iOS and Android.

  1. Kakao Talk – the Korean version of Whatsapp with super awesome characters which you will be able to find every kind of merchandise for around Korea.
  2. Kakao Metro – with 21 lines, this app is a must for getting around and getting out at the right exits. The app is even clever enough to tell you which car to be in for the easiest transfers.
  3. Kakao Bus – the bus system can be tricky for a tourist, however, can often be a much quicker way to get where you need to go compared to the metro.
  4. Kakao Taxi – Works in a similar manner to Uber by connecting you to a nearby taxi. You will need a Korean phone number to use this app.
  5. Naver maps – since Google is of no use in Korea (the government does not give access to international companies to its maps), Naver is your way to go. Naver maps also integrate bus and train times and recently became way more English friendly.
  6. Naver translate – Never rely on Google Translate in Korea… Never!! Naver translate has 100,000 of thousands of pre-translated sentences which should reduce mix-ups… Naver is particularly handy when you have a class full of grade 3s in afterschool class and you’re all stuck.
  7. Yogiyo – when you need your fried chicken hit but don’t want to go outside. You will need a Korean phone number to use Yogiyo and most other food delivery apps. There are other food delivery apps but we found this one had the best range of options in our town.
  8. Your banking app – since no one uses ATMs anymore, a great way to keep track of yo moolah. Many banks are now starting to integrate their apps with Kakao, so that split billing just got easier!


Written by Sarah + Chris. Photo by Chris


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