The places in Korea we didn’t get to

We have travelled to Korea twice, the first time for just under a week and the second time when we moved there to teach English for a year. I like to think that we put in a fair effort to see as much as we could, however compiling this list makes our next trip there longer & longer!

Lotte World Tower– this only just made the list as it opened just after we returned home! We walked past plenty of times during construction hoping it would be done in time. Will definitely tick this one off the list next time we are in Seoul.

War Memorial of Korea– we did learn a large amount about the war whilst living in Korea (mainly due to the multiple DMZ tours and from our students) and we heard how comprehensive and impressive it is.

Trick eye museum– the main reason for not getting to this one came down to 1 person wanted to go, the other did not. Can you guess who? We even had free passes!!

Loveland, Jeju – with only a few days in Jeju on each of our trips, we had to plan a fair bit as to what we wanted to see and this one just missed the cut!

Nami Island – We planned many times to visit Nami Island and the Gapyeong area it’s in, and even though our friend lived very close, we never quite made it. Like so many attractions in Korea is very kitsch, but we still have a desire to check it out.

Everland – We had done Lotte World, so doing another theme park wasn’t high on our to-do list so we didn’t make it there.

Olympic Park – A large sprawling park where you guessed it, they held the Olympics in 1988. Another place we went past many times, but never quite got to… It just didn’t have the appeal of Seoul Forest, that place has deer… that you can feed!

Garden of Morning Calm– Not far from where we lived, but not the easiest to get to so it didn’t make it to our weekend plans.Would have been ideal in Spring during cherry blossom season!

Prehistory museum in Jeongok- This place was in our town!! We went past it hundreds of times on the bus… Our main excuse was that we were rarely in Jeongok for the weekend and didn’t have enough time to get there after school. Chris’ parents went to check it out and said it was great so we will have to go – ideally during the Yeoncheon Jeongok Paleolithic festival in May.

Mount Halla, Jeju – Also known as Hallasan, unfortunately, was going to be too much of a time eater on our short trips. Plus our second trip was in the middle of winter so that was never going to happen.

And finally, the never-ending changing list of themed cafes. By the time it would take to write out the list, 10 more have probably opened.

I’m sure there are many other places we’ve forgotten, missed or don’t about- feel free to let us know in the comments!


Written by: Sarah


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