My best conversation in Korea in Korean

a.k.a all that shopping paid off!

Firstly, the next lot of blog posts going forward are written post our Korean adventure (2016). We ended up being pretty slack finishing and sharing our blog posts so there is a pile of drafts waiting to be released to the world.

Our year became pretty hectic after summer vacation and the weekends full of adventures. I ended up leaving early in September due to health reasons and Chris stayed on and finished his contract and came home to Perth in March.

Just before I came home, we were doing some shopping in one of the underground malls in one of the subway stations in Seoul. Chris was waiting outside for me so this transaction was going to be all on me. Chris is way more advanced in his Korean than I ever got, so he handled the majority of the verbal dealings we came across. Luckily, I had been to a many a convenience store myself and had learnt the few questions that were often asked. This time around, I had answered the first couple of questions with confidence, knowing he had asked me if I wanted a bag and the receipt.

Probably not expecting me to answer in Korean, I was then asked how I had learnt Korean. The only reason I knew this was I knew the word Hanguk-eo and assumed the rest. Short answers were working in my favour and I simply answered that I was an English teacher. He then followed up and asked me where I was teaching (again, I assume this because I knew the words for English teacher and where) and I responded with Yeoncheon.

It was then luckily enough for me the end of our transaction purchase wise, so I gave a quick thank you and ran off as quickly as I could before another question could be asked as I knew I would be shit out of luck and would not have a clue what was being asked and the sham would be up.

As far as I was concerned that was going to be as close to as I would ever get to having a full Korean conversation with a Korean without them knowing I had close to 2% ability.



Written by: Sarah


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