Chicken – moist and tender goodness

I have a rule when it comes to KFC; it goes something like this, “I only eat it 2 or 3 times a year”. The reason for that rule is clear, the over-consumption of Kentucky Fried Chicken leaves one with much self-loathing and regret. It is a ‘sometimes food’, and even then it’s usually a mistake, one best dealt with by laying on the floor in the fetal position binge-watching House of Cards on Netflix.

Now Korea has its own version of the ‘dirty bird’, like the type mentioned above (and not to be mentioned again) it carries the initials KFC. But this is an entirely different beast – OK that’s a poor metaphor, it’s clearly the same ‘beast’, but you know what I mean… THIS IS KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN.

The internet usefully informs me that this semi-recent addition to the Korean food scheme is not endemic to this land, but has spread across the country like a cane toad across Queensland. Everywhere you look you in this country will find fried chicken, literally everywhere. The same internet tells me that there are over 35,000 venues serving fried chicken in Korea, that’s more than all the McDonald’s in the whole world.

Now Korean Fried Chicken is usually served with beer and domestic tap beer at that. This weak and slightly ‘shit’ amber drop comes in jugs so big that they would rattle the hearts and minds of public health advocates back home. Below is a sampling of just some of the fried chicken we have had over the month. The beer jug holds 3 litres; which in our town will set you back about $17 or a little bit more in Seoul.

Chicken can come as plain fried or in a variety of flavours and marinades. My personal favourite is yangnyeom chicken (often called Gangnam chicken in the west). Pro tip-avoid the neck piece, its pretty much the only bad bit about KFC!


Those of you looking to give this glorious glorious feed a try have a couple options available to them in Perth:

  1. Nene Chicken – Albany Hwy, Victoria Park – This is actually one of the larger Korean based fried chicken franchises. We have one in our town and the chicken is quite reasonable. We went to the Perth store before we left and it is a reasonable attempt at Korean Fried Chicken, bar the Perth prices. But the spice is right, the chicken crisp, and most importantly plastic gloves are provided to avoid sticky fingers.
  2. Gami Chicken – Shafto Lane, Perth – This is a Melbourne based chain. We have never been to the Perth store, but have dined in Melbourne. The chicken was great and the side dishes were very authentic. Again you get hit by the Aussie prices but hey I’m sure you guys are happy paying twice what we do for the same thing.
  3. Plenty of the small Korean restaurants also do variations of fried chicken, hit one up and give it a try I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

’till next time 🙂



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